The Digital Twin in The Industry 4.0 Revolution: Challenges in Model Integration, Simulations & Data Analysis

April 18, 2021 9:00-17:30 (Israel Time)

The role of digital twin in industry and systems is expanding – the development of monitoring, diagnostics and prognostic capabilities are a cornerstone in control, efficiency and the implementation of predictive maintenance. Sign up to the conference to learn about the most important revolution of our time!

About The Conference

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) is the continuous automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Large-scale machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) are combined for increased automation, improved communication and self-monitoring, and the production of smart machines that can analyze and diagnose problems without the need for human intervention.

The concept of digital twins is based on a combination of physical models that describe the machine’s behavior and its deterioration processes over time with analytics capabilities that enable lessons to be learned, decision making and model improvement. The physical models can include the control model, the load model, the erosion model, the crack development model and more while the analytics model which is based on experimental data and operational data from the field.

The purpose of the conference is to discuss the applications and challenges of the Digital Twin as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) and related fields such as PHM and SHM. The conference will address aspects of technology, systems vision and analytics that are closely integrated into digital twins.

Further Reading: “The digital twin in Industry 4.0: a wide-angle perspective” by Prof. Ron Kenett & Prof. Jacob Bortman

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The members of the organizing committee selected fascinating professional lectures by world-renowned experts to be presented during the conference. In addition, you will be able to visit dedicated rooms for presentations and personal meetings with industry experts (you can join these rooms using the “Breakout Rooms” option in Zoom).

Conference Agenda

SpeakerLecture TitleHourLanguage
Opening Session
Eng. Ehud Noff
AEAI Chairman
Opening Remarks on behalf of the Association of Engineers9:00-9:05Hebrew
Haim Rousso
Photonics Israel Chairman
Opening Remarks on behalf of the R&D Forum9:05-9:10Hebrew
Prof. Ron Kenett
Data Science Society Chairman at AEAI
Keynote >> The Digital Twin in The Industry 4.0 Revolution: Challenges in Model Integration, Simulations & Data Analysis9:10-9:50Hebrew
Break 19:50-10:00
Morning Session
Vitaly Yashar
Israeli Ministry of Energy
The digital twin in the modern age and related technologies10:00-10:20Hebrew
Dvir Ravoy
HP Indigo
NC 4.0, a pillar of Quality 4.0 applicability: prioritizing nonconformities events10:20-10:40Hebrew
Arq. Batel Yossef Ravid & Dr. Meirav Aharon Gutman
Technion – Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Civic Digital Twin10:40-11:00Hebrew
Itai Dabran
Technion – Center for Smart Technologies in the Faculty of Computer Science
Assimilation of “digital twins” in traditional industry with the help of computer science students11:00-11:20Hebrew
Eyal Farkash
Accenture Technology
Beyond the cloud: virtual reality, the digital twin, artificial intelligence and quantum computing11:20-11:40Hebrew
Expert Rooms – Breakout SessionsFree entry of participants to discussion rooms with industry experts11:40-12:25Hebrew
Lunch Break12:25-13:10
Noon Session
Dan Nesher
Leveraging MATLAB & Simulink for Digital Twins13:10-13:30Hebrew
Dr. Itai Dattner
University of Haifa – Department of Statistics and Center for Data Science
Learning Dynamical Systems: Optimal Integration of Mathematical Models with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence13:30-13:50Hebrew
Erwin Schulman
IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries
IAI insight on Digital Twin – the way to implementation13:50-14:10Hebrew
Ron Bublitsky
IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries
Digital Twins – What May Seem Virtual Today is Tommorrow’s Reality14:10-14:30Hebrew
Break 214:30-14:50
Afternoon Session 1
Isi Matalon (Greece)
How digital twin technology can drive better design and higher operational efficiency14:50-15:10English
Francisco Chinesta (France)
Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology
Physics-based and data-driven hybrid modeling: when data enrich models and models render data smarter15:10-15:30English
Dr. Moritz von Stosch (Switzerland)
DataHow AG
Lessons from the development of Digital Twins of biopharmaceutical processes15:30-15:50English
Break 315:50-16:00
Afternoon Session 2
Nathan Wycoff (USA)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Learning and Deploying Active Subspaces on Black Box Simulators16:00-16:20English
Vahab Najari (USA)
ProcessMiner Inc.
How the ProcessMiner Artificial Intelligence Platform Achieved Unprecedented Autonomous Chemistry Control for Tissue Mill16:20-16:40English

Dr. Soumya Banerjee (France)
Trasna-Solutions , Arklow Ireland

The Era of Digital Twins & Machine Learning – Analytics: Will it be “A Tale of Two Cities” with Industry 4.0?16:40-17:00English
Prof. Jacob Bortman (Israel)
Ben-Gurion University
Open Q&A Disicussion17:00-17:30English/Hebrew


Participation in the conference is free of charge but requires registration, registrants will receive an email with a link to participate from Zoom.
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