About AEAI

AEAI – The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel is the national umbrella organization representing its members in Israel. The Association aims to foster the development and improvement of human resources and technological expertise in all fields of industry. We see this as being a significant contribution to the development of the individual, society and the Israeli economy which will also influence the overall advancement of humanity.

Our Goals:

  • To represent and promote all those involved in technology and to assist in their professional development as innovative entrepreneurs, movers and leaders throughout their professional lives and according to the economy’s changing needs.
  • To promote the entire range of engineering, architectural and technological professions in both academic and industrial fields and wherever they intersect.
  • To unite all those involved in technological development under one roof, as one, innovative community that initiates, cooperates, develops, contributes and grows.


Over the years, the Association has established many technological institutions including: the Israeli Standards Institute, the Institute of Productivity, the National Building Research Institute and others. The Association is represented on the boards of these organizations. It is also represented in the Engineering and Architectural Council, institutes of higher educations, Knesset committees, committees of the Engineers Registrar as well as local and regional planning committees.  This allows the Association to directly influence developments in the economy and to promote the profession’s standing in Israel.

Working through its various bodies and institutions, the Association seeks to promote and change legislation in engineering and architectural fields, to lead state standardization and regulatory committees and to initiate and encourage national planning.

The Association also holds and encourages participation in advanced training workshops and seminars in Israel and abroad. It arranges conferences and exhibitions, professional and wage improvement courses and professional accreditation procedures. The Association is also active in the appointment of advisors and consultants, arbitrators and mediators, the publication of professional journals and more.

A number of professional forums and societies operate under the Association’s auspices. These include: electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, data science, construction and infrastructure associations, architecture, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), chemical associations, environmental and sustainability engineering, bio-medical engineering, industrial management and safety engineering.

The various engineering associations also deal with specific areas of engineering as well as interdisciplinary fields such as:  optoelectronics, motor vehicle engineering and intelligent transportation systems, welding, robotics, failure analysis, non-destructive testing, maritime architecture, corrosion, static electricity and more.

The Association and its associated professional organizations relationships and agreements with international professional bodies around the globe.

We aim to add to our ranks all engineers, architects and academics in technology related professions as well as all students and graduates in Israel. Our goal is to represent all those in these professions, to encourage and promote their development and growth and to increase their influence on Israeli economics and its economy.