Beam Shaping in lasers for material processing Webinar

Aired on Wednesday, 03-03-2021

About the Webinar

PD Dr. Rudolf Weber, Head of Process Development, Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW), Universität Stuttgart
Talk Topic: “Influence of static and dynamic beam shaping on the laser welding process

17:20- 17:40
Eric Punzel – R&D team of BBW Lasertechnik GmbH
Talk Topic: Influence of power distribution on weld seam quality and geometry in laser beam welding of aluminum alloys

Dr. Eyal Shekel – CEO Civan Advanced Technology
Talk Topic: “Dynamic beam shaping for laser welding

Discussion- Questions and Answers


About the Lecturers

PD Dr. Rudolf Weber
Head of Process Development @Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW), Universität Stuttgart
Dr. Weber received his PhD in 1988 at the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) of the University of Bern on the subject of “X-ray emission from laser-generated plasmas”. In the following years he headed the research groups “Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers” and “Laser Material Processing” at the IAP. He then moved to industry, where he became managing director of engineering companies that developed laser sources and laser systems. Since 2008, he is lecturer at the University of Stuttgart and head of the process development group at the Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW). In 2017 he habilitated on the topic “Process parameters for industrial laser applications and their impact on plant engineering”. His current work focuses on the theoretical and experimental basics of laser processes such as welding and cutting with high-average power lasers, LPBF processes, and structuring of surfaces and drilling of deep microholes with high-energy ultrafast lasers.

Eric Punzel
R&D team @BBW Lasertechnik GmbH
Eric Punzel, M. Sc.: Has studied Physical Engineering (Laser Technology) in Mittweida, Germany. Is working as a process development engineer at BBW Lasertechnik GmbH for ~3 years and responsible for feasibility studies in laser welding, cutting and USP machining, as well as the project management for national and international r&d projects.

Dr. Eyal Shekel
CEO @Civan Advanced Technology
Dr. Shekel is the founder and CEO of Civan Advanced Technologies Ltd (, a Jerusalem based Hi – Tech company in the field of electro optics. Since its establishment in 2008, Civan’s focus has been the development of high power lasers. Prior to Civan, Dr. Shekel founded Al Cielo Ltd., a leading company in the manufacture of Fiber Optical Gyros and navigation systems ( Dr. Shekel served as CEO of Al Cielo from it’s inception in 2005 until the company was sold in December 2007. In 1997 Dr. Shekel founded and served as GM of Chiaro Networks Ltd until 2005. Chiaro developed the largest optical switch in the world as well as state of the art technologies in the field of optical communications. Dr. Shekel was also the co-founder and board member of Nano-Or which developed and manufactured 3D measurement systems with nanometer resolution for the semiconductor industry.