Photonics in the Automotive Ecosystem

February 16, 2021


 Photonics Israel together with OpTecBB in Berlin, Germany, is organizing an online symposium on Automotive applications of Photonics on February 16, 2021.
Leaders in the Photonics and Automotive Ecosystem from Israel, Germany, and other European Photonics communities will present various opportunities for cooperation.

The main topics are:
– Technologies for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)
Navigation, Real Time Alert Reduce collisions, Visible/NIR (Near-Infrared) cameras, LIDAR, Active and passive infrared systems, Adaptive Driving Beam, Optical components:
Photodiodes and thermopiles, Head-Up display, autonomous systems.

– Technologies for the exterior of the car.
Gesture recognition and proximity detection, Head Lighting, near- field- projection.
– Technologies for the interior of the car
Cameras, Spectroscopy, THz, Interior Lighting, MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport), Displays, Child safety, Monitoring car systems.

Speakers from (incomplete list):
BEAMAGINE | Bright Way Vision | Cognata | CORNING | CSEM & PHABULOUS | Effect Photonics | Elbit Systems | FMD GERMANY | Guardian Optical technologies | HELLA | IAV GmbH| Innoviz Technologies | Intel | JABIL OPTICS GERMANY | Maradin | Multivutech| OMMATIDIA LIDAR | Photon Delta | SCANTINEL | TQ ENGINEERING|

For further questions kindly email Nofar Sharan Reicher –

Automotive & Photonics
BLOC 1: LIDAR | 10.00-12.00
!Israel time
10.00-10.05 Welcome, Shlomo Glaser (Photonics Israel) | Frank Lerch (OpTecBB)
10.05-10.15 Welcome, Elizach Dembiski (Ayalon Highways)
10.15-10.25 Funding opportunities for collaboration, Hagit Schwimmer (Israel innovation Authority)
10.25-10.40 Sensor Challeges and Prospects for autonomous systems, Ofer Nesher (Elbit Systems)
10.40-10.55 High-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software, Oren Buskila (Innoviz Technologies)
10.55-11.20 LIDAR (within the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany) – R&D at component level, Christoph Galle (FMD)
11.20-11.30 Integrated Photonics enabled opportunities in Automotive, Carol de Vries (PhotonDelta)
11.30-11.40 Leveraging telecommunication coherent optics for eye-safe, high performance polarization diverse LIDAR, Tim Koene (Effect Photonics)
11.40-11.55 Solid-state 1550nm FMCW LiDAR. How to leverage the combination of silicon photonics and optics for the next generation LiDAR, Davide Canavesi (Scantinel)
13.00-13.05 Welcome, Frank Lerch (OpTecBB)
13.05-13.20 Laser Scanning Solutions Based on MEMS Technology, Matan Naftali (Maradin)
13.20-13.30 Lightfield Sensor: A breakthrough for high-resolution long-range 3D Imaging, Eduardo Margallo (Ommatidia LiDAR)
13.30-13.40 3D perception units for embedded data fusion of lidar and 2D imagers, Santiago Royo (Beamagine)
13.40-13.55 GatedVision – clear, complete, homogeneous, long-range imaging, Ofer David (Bright way vision)
13.55-14.10 Imaging systems for automotive applications, Thomas Handke (JABIL Optics Germany GmbH)
14.10-14.25 Autonomous Driving and ADAS Simulation Platform, Driven by AI, Danny Atsmon (Cognata)
14.25-14.40 Single sensor 3D imaging solution, Tal Wiser (MultiVuTech)
14.40-14.55 Addressing low- cost sensing platforms for autonomous vehicles, Pietro Perlo (I-FEVS) and Nir Karasikov (Nanomotion)
15.30-15.45 Welcome, Ester Elias (Consul for Economic Affairs, Head of the Economic and Trade Mission to Berlin at the Embassy of Israel in Germany)
15.45-15.55 Marketplaces – the flux compensator for innovation in mobility, Timon Rupp (The Drivery GmbH)
15.55-16.05 Enable Future Business Models, Ann-Sophie Reinelt (HELLA)
16.05-16.20 Current challenges in exterior lighting and light assistance system, Michael Marutzky (IAV GmbH)
16.20-16.35 A new era for micro-optics manufacturing: European pilot line for free-form micro-optics, Rolando Ferrini (CSEM & PHABULOuS)
16.35-16.45 Projection and Laser Technology for Digital Lighting, Gerald Uhlenberg (TQ Engeneering)
16.45-17.00 Corning Incorporated, AutoGrade™ Corning Gorilla Glass & Corning® ColdForm™ Technology: Innovative Solutions for Automotive Applications, Khaled Layouni (Corning France)


Event Schedule