Building Company Value with Cybersecurity Patents

The crucial differences between diamonds and Fool’s Gold
Aired on Monday, Feb 8, 2021

Join the senior partners of Fennigan to learn how to make your company’s patents valuable, enforceable and marketable

Cybersecurity patents can be worth billions of dollars, as demonstrated in the recent historic court ruling in a lawsuit filed against Cisco. To achieve great value like that means having to invest up front in developing strong & strategic patents. But companies often fail to appreciate the need to invest properly in a patent strategy at the earlier stage of developing new inventions. Those companies take a “check-the-box” approach to patent registration that focuses solely on “obtaining patents”. These “check-the-box” patents typically suffer from preventable errors in the drafting and prosecution process—errors that can erase all value and render the patents worthless.

In this online webinar, Finnegan partners Elliot Cook and Jeff Berkowitz will explain the crucial differences between the diamonds and the rough. Join us to learn how to make your company’s patents valuable, enforceable and marketable.

Click here to view the full article on the historic court rulling in the lawsuit against Cisco

Meet The Presenters


Jeff Berkowitz’s practice focuses on adversarial proceedings involving patents primarily involving the computer and telecommunication fields, as well as patent counseling and prosecution to assist clients in developing powerful patent portfolios designed to block competitors.


Elliot Cook maintains a diverse intellectual property practice, including patent litigation, post-grant patent challenges, strategic patent prosecution and portfolio development, and patent monetization; helping clients strategically develop patent portfolios that effectively block competitors and build corporate value.


Finnegan is one of the world’s largest Intellectual Property law firms with 10 offices worldwide. Representing over 180 of Israel’s leading and most sophisticated enterprises, helping navigate IP disputes and patent infringement litigation, counseling on how to strategically protect technology to maximize value, managing patent portfolios, and developing revenue streams through creative patenting and licensing.


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