About Israeli Society of Autonomous Systems Engineers


The Israeli society of autonomous systems engineers is a home society for ten Thousends of engineers, managers and adminisrators, physicists, opticians and systems Engineers engaged in the various branches of unmmaned systems.

The society encompass many diverse areas such as:

Propulsion, fuel and electric power systems, operating systems, night cameras, capital, Lasers, iders, autonomous systems simulators and field and city management, autonomous, Marine and continental systems, control systems and communications systems.

The society, within its professional branches, creates a space for training and professional Updating, for technical trainings, for exchanging and expanding knowledge.

The society conducts conferences, seminars, workshops and courses, as well as collaboration With universities in the world.

Participation in the society enables professional and continuous contact with and among the society’s experts, between the engineers and the world of academia and industry, including International relations with leading international organizations: the US AUVSI and the Dayton branch – with whom the society maintains mutual contact throughout the year.

The society participates in Israeli IHLS events and conducts joint exhibitions and support for Startups in the various frameworks.

The society is a hotbed for mentors in all listed industries, facilitates and guides companies And startups in the field of unmanned systems.


Details of the Chairman and the Director of the society:

Chairman of the society:
Michael armon

Director of the society:
Roi Lezerovich

Society management members:

Name Work place Email
Aharon Ratner HIT aharonratner@gmail.com 
Yuval Peshin SIMLAT yuval@simlat.com
Alon Stopel ELBIT alon.stopel@elbitsystems.com
Ilan Porat ELOP ilan.porat@elbitsystems.com
Oren Gal orengal.navy@gmail.com
Roni Gordona SYNERGISTIC INNOVATIONS ronigord1@gmail.com
Baruch Kantur NEWBYTE baruch@newbite.co.il
Yair Dubster UVISION yair@uvisionuav.com
Ofer Haruvi IHLS haruvi.ofer@gmail.com
Michael Armon AEAI, AUVSI michael.armon@gmail.com
Shlomo Glazer AEAI shlomoglazer@gmail.com
Efraim Zilberman EZM efraim.zilberman@gmail.com